AOSIS launches its Knowledge Hub

2022-03-30 AOSIS

AOSIS is pleased to update its membership with the considerable progress being made in developing a Knowledge Hub that provides ready access to anyone seeking to learn about its work over the past 30 years.
International law is developed through precedent, and therefore documenting our group’s submissions and statements is a critical step. To date, AOSIS members, academia and other interested parties have not had a central place to access our positions on climate change, sustainable development and ocean conservation. In practice, this can lead to an underrepresentation of AOSIS positions in the formulation of international environmental law.
We were able to host two Webinars for our members that provided them with a better understanding of how to navigate and make effective use of the site.
We are presently working on securing the voluminous statements, position papers or presentations from our Chairs over the past thirty years and even beyond so that they can be included in the public record for AOSIS.

To submit documents to the AOSIS Knowledge Hub, email:

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