• AOSIS Fellowship

    Each year, 10 Fellows from AOSIS member states, undertake a year of education and diplomatic training at the United Nations in New York, to prepare them to become leaders in their countries on climate change, sustainable development and oceans.

For almost a decade, the AOSIS Fellowship has been training the next generation of AOSIS leaders and environmental experts. This unique SIDS-designed program brings early career professionals from AOSIS member countries to New York for one year to participate in environmental diplomacy with their country’s delegation at the United Nations Headquarters and at international negotiations. The program provides Fellows with the unique opportunity to gain real-world UN experience while participating in a world-class training program. Since 2018,  the Fellowship has been made possible by the support of the Italian Ministry of Ecological Transition.

AOSIS Climate Fellowship Training Program

Over the last 9 years, we have welcomed more than 35 Fellows from 25 small island developing States.

After the Fellowship, 90% of the Fellows return to their Home countries to serve their countries, either within the Government or with public agencies. 2 have remained in New York to support  their Missions to the United Nations. More than 50% of the alumni of the AOSIS Fellowship continue to participate in the United Nations climate negotiations.

Alumni of the Fellowship have successfully proceeded to take on high-level positions within their Governments including Minister of Environment, Director of Multilateral Affairs of Foreign Affairs and Chief Executive Officer of a public-private Trust Fund.


1/3.⚠️USEFUL INFO⚠️: The first meeting of the Transitional Committee of the #LossAndDamage Fund agreed at #COP27 will run from the 27-29th of March in Luxor, Egypt 🇪🇬, with pre-meetings taking place on the 24-26th.

📜More info and 📼live stream: https://unfccc.int/topics/adaptation-and-resilience/groups-committees/transitional-committee

Van Lierop was 1st chair of @AOSISChair, a group of island states that assembled to make their voices heard in UN climate talks 🏝️

He told me climate change is "the most significant thing" he's worked on. This is notable coming from someone with such an illustrious career…


A second year of collaborating with DOALOS' #UNNF fellowship! Today's first meeting was with the Director of #DOALOS for a session on #UNCLOS and the work of the Division of the Law of the Sea.

#ocean #SDG14 #GrowingNetwork

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