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The volcanic eruption🌋 could cost #StVincentAndTheGrenadines 🏝50% of its GDP. Immediate #assistance and planning for #resilience building are vital for the nation's recovery and development.

Read about @UNDP's recovery efforts 👉 http://bit.ly/SIDSBulletin37


#SIDS are politically willing to transition into full #ImplementationMode in response to climate change. However, the means to transition are simply not being provided as promised. #DoBetter #climatefinance #climatejustice #PCD12 @COP26


What has achieved the #ClimateLeadersSummit? How it’s paving the way for #COP26 ?

Let’s look back at the webinar organised on April 24 with @aldenmeyer, @Rueanna_Haynes, RR Rashmi @teriin and @vallejolola


🙏🏿Thank you to all stakeholders & UN entities which contributed to technical discussions on the multidimensional vulnerability index for #SIDS🏝️

Today, SIDS Member States were briefed on progress thus far. A briefing for the wider UN membership will take place on 10 May.

Completely on the mark 🎯, as usual, @jfelson 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

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