AOSIS SIDS-4 Side Event: ‘Small Islands, Plastic Oceans’

May 29, 2024 Download PDF

Topic: Oceans

Small Island Developing States (SIDS) rely heavily on the marine environment for essential ecosystem services, socio-cultural ties, livelihoods, and economic growth and development, including through fisheries and tourism. Compounded by our limited land space, geographic vulnerabilities and susceptibility to external shocks, these factors squarely position SIDS as those disproportionately affected by global environmental threats, such as the plastic pollution crisis. As net-importers of plastics with limited domestic production and minimal contributions to the generation of plastic pollution, much of the plastic pollution affecting SIDS are transboundary and mismanaged waste, which occupy the marine environment and pose severe impacts to sound, sustainable economic growth and development, especially in the blue economy. In the approach to the fifth session of the INC, this event will convene SIDS experts and organisations to explore the key challenges faced by SIDS in addressing plastic pollution, across the fisheries, waste management, and tourism sectors, to advance the development of solutions that reflect SIDS national contexts and priorities.

Sub Topic: Marine Plastic Pollution