Presentation to Member States on the Report of the Midterm Review of the Sendai Framework: Main findings and recommendations

February 14, 2023 Download PDF

Topic: Sustainable Development

Intervention on behalf of AOSIS:

1. Let me begin by thanking the co-facilitators, Australia and Indonesia, for organizing this
briefing and the special representative of the Secretary General on Disaster Risk Reduction
for presenting the report on the midterm review on the implementation of the Sendai

2. As the countries that are at the forefront of disasters, realizing the Sendai targets is critical
for Small Island Developing States. Our sustainable development and our futures are
intrinsically linked with enhancing resilience to disasters, especially those arising from climate

3. Therefore, it is alarming to note that the report highlights that very limited progress has been
made in realizing the Framework outcomes in SIDS. Only 32% of SIDS had reported the
existence of multi-hazard early warning systems, and there are currently up to 13 deaths per
100,000 population annually in small island developing States, compared with a global
average of 0.84.

4. According to the report, technical and human capacity constraints were identified by SIDS as
the key inhibitors to implementation, and there are insufficient investments in these areas.
In this regard, SIDS need prioritization and investment in capacity-building and reducing the
complexity of applying for and managing ODA. The specific capacity challenges faced by SIDS
are also further elaborated in the report titled “SIDS: Gaps, Challenges and Constraints in
Means of Implementing the Sendai Framework for DRR”, which was prepared by UN DESA
and UNDRR in collaboration with AOSIS, and is also available on the AOSIS website as an input
to the MTR process.

5. With this as the starting point, we believe that the outcome of the MTR process should bring
a strong focus on how to address these key challenges in SIDS, drawing from existing
successful initiatives and approaches, as well as new and innovative means.

6. These outcomes are also timely, as they can feed into the Fourth SIDS Conference next year,
where we will be looking at how DRR can be better integrated across the board in all action
areas in the new SIDS Framework. As the report highlights, there is a need to enhance
involvement and action on DRR at a more local level.

7. AOSIS looks forward to engaging constructively with all delegations in the MTR of the Sendai
Framework, and we also ask for support from all Member States and relevant stakeholders
to ensure that the most vulnerable do not continue to get left furthest behind.
I thank you.

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