MVI Part 1 – For the Future of SIDS

July 26, 2023 Download PDF

Topic: Sustainable Development

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Small island developing states (SIDS) continuously call attention to the need for support, in light of our vulnerabilities which leave us lagging behind the rest of the world. Our calls fall on deaf ears to devastating effect, creating larger and larger barriers to respond to the climate crisis, advancing debt, and external shocks. Our words have not been enough – but with this video series we hope to finally open your eyes. Small island developing states #SIDS have specific needs and particular circumstances. 🔴We are small 🔴We are remote 🔴We are vulnerable 🔴We are under constant threat from external shocks and impacts SIDS need a new way forward, supported by the international community. The Multidimensional Vulnerability Index #MVI is a tool which finally takes the special circumstances of SIDS into account, designed to help us access critical support to drive sustainable development. Will you join the #MVI movement to support a bright future for SIDS? #SupportSIDS #MVIforSIDSfuture

Sub Topic: SDGs