Thursday, 16 November 2017, 1600 hours CET

Contact: Michael Crocker +1 978 968 9499 michael.crocker@e6dnxsswo6r4cwebsite.azurewebsites.net

“The Urgency of Now: Hurricanes Irma and Maria, The Need to Support Small Island Resilience in a Warming World”

 Bonn, Germany—Hurricanes Irma and Maria showed the world the catastrophic power of climate change. It is urgent that the UNFCCC push the international community to accelerate the provision of the resources needed to build resilience in small islands on the frontlines of the crisis. The Prime Minister of St. Lucia will be joined by Ministers from the Maldives and Seychelles to discuss the urgent need for financial support, ideas for hoe it can work, and a proposed COP 23 Declaration calling for immediate action.

When: 4:00-430, Thursday, 16 November

Where: Press conference room 1 Theatre, in Bula Zone 3.

Who: H.E. Allen Chastenet, Prime Minister of St. Lucia; H.E. Thoriq Ibrahim, Minister of Energy and Environment, Maldives; H.E. Didier Dogley, Minister of Energy, Environment, and Climate Change.

About the Alliance of Small Island States: AOSIS has been at the forefront of climate change advocacy for over 25 years. The coalition of 39 countries from around the world convinced the world to commit to addressing the climate crisis at the Earth Summit in 1992 and his been a leading voice for action ever since. The coalition is currently led by the Republic of the Maldives.