Press Release: UNFCCC synthesis report a wakeup call: AOSIS calls for action to protect future

February 26, 2021 Download PDF
  • Press Release

New York – 26 February 2021 — The UNFCCC’s Synthesis Report on the updated government climate pledges received so far under the Paris Agreement should be a wake-up call for the world to increase climate action, the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) said today.

“We applaud the countries that have announced 2050 net zero pledges.” said Ambassador Dr. Aubrey Webson of Antigua and Barbuda, Chair of AOSIS, “But without credible 2030 pathways in their updated climate plans, those mid-century pledges are largely meaningless.”

“This report confirms the shocking lack of urgency, and genuine action. We are flirting dangerously with the 1.5C warming limit that the world agreed we need to stay within. It is small island developing States like ours that will pay the ultimate price if we do not.”

“Given this lack of urgency, the convening of COP26 must be an international priority. We must hold every country accountable for this damning report.”

“The US recently rejoined the Paris Agreement and the world applauded. Now we need them to continue to showcase real climate leadership. Other large emitters that have not yet made pledges must do so immediately. If we are truly determined to limit global warming to well below 1.5C, these emitters must do better. They must go further. And they must implement their climate targets faster.”

“AOSIS will continue to push for countries to accelerate their climate action. This report is clear: country commitments are simply not good enough.”

Jabal Hassanali & Tashwa James, AOSIS Media, email: .