Breakout Group 4: Financing Ambition

April 22, 2020 EVENT: Placencia Ambition Forum MEETING: Special Segment on Financing the Recovery from COVID-19 Download PDF
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It is well known that the members of AOSIS, despite their low-emissions profile, are at the frontline of climate change and remain at the forefront of ambitious climate action. This level of ambition is intended to ensure their societies do not just adapt at the level of coping but minimize risk, boost resilience and underpin future prosperity. Access to finance is at the center of most Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) developed by SIDs and low-lying coastal developing states. While financing from major climate funds, such as the Green Climate Fund (GCF), has increased over the last five years, it continues to fall short of needs. Moreover, the ramped-up ambition for new NDCs will require resources beyond current levels. This breakout session aims to address inadequate access to climate financing as a chief constraint to achieving Paris Climate Agreement goals, working examples of AOSIS and other countries accessing climate finance, both domestic and international, private and public, and examine how the climate finance architecture can be improved to respond more effectively to the complex needs of the vulnerable, including during extreme events and periods of crisis.