AOSIS congratulates Pakistan on assuming the G77&China Chairmanship

2022-01-14 H E. Walton Webson, Permanent Representative of Antigua and Barbuda to the UN Download PDF

Topic: Sustainable Development

AOSIS Statement
delivered by H E. Walton Webson,
Permanent Representative of Antigua and Barbuda to the UN
Handover Ceremony of the Chairmanship of the Group of 77 and China
14 January 2022
Distinguished Chair, Excellencies and Colleagues,
I have the honour to deliver this statement on behalf of the members of the Alliance of Small Island
States (AOSIS).
From the onset, AOSIS would like to congratulate Pakistan on its assumption of the Chairmanship
of the Group of 77 and China, and through you, Mr. Chair, to express our profound thanks and
gratitude to the Republic of Guinea for its stewardship and leadership in 2021, which was again
an extraordinary year marred by the continued negative impacts of this dreaded COVID-19
Last year this time, we were all hopeful that with the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines that we
were going to have a more productive and progressive year than 2020, during which time we saw
the world basically being brought to a halt. 2021 turned out to have its own major challenges with
this pandemic, and we are thankful that as a Group we were able once again, through all the
difficulties and challenges, to have another very successful and fruitful year advancing and
defending the very critical positions and priorities of our developing countries.
We believe that at this very crucial juncture, Pakistan with all its expertise would be fully equipped
and best able to lead us as a Group through the maze of a COVID-19 and the uncertainty that lies
ahead especially in a time when multilateralism hangs on by a thread, and the achievement of the
2030 Agenda for sustainable development seems all but a grandeur fantasy This is all taking place
in what we consider the decade of action.
AOSIS is fully prepared to do its part to ensure that our common interests as developing countries
are fully addressed and that all the relevant stakeholders are held to their commitments not only to
providing lasting solutions, but one that fosters a conducive environment with the provision of
adequate funding in order to propel our development. We continue to believe that the strength of
the G77 and China lies in us uniting around our common struggles and the full and unwavering
solidarity we show to each other noting that our development trajectories are at varied levels. G77
and China must move forth in unison if we are to accomplish our overarching objective to eradicate
poverty and to leave no one behind.
AOSIS continues to be grateful to the Group for its continued strong support for issues that are of
critical importance to SIDS, especially as it pertains to the implementation of the SAMOA
Pathway. We are also grateful for your support as we conclude the SAMOA Pathway and
commence preparations for the fourth Conference on SIDS, including the formulation of our next
development blueprint that would take us closer to our achievement of our development goals.
We also look forward to the Group’s continued support and constructive participation as we
address issues such as indebtedness, the finalization of a multidimensional vulnerability index,
access to finance, combating climate change, addressing ocean pollution and its benefits for small
states, disaster risk reduction and management, among several other priority areas.
It is important to reiterate AOSIS’s commitment to working together with you as Chair, and the
members of G77 to continue to call for greater climate ambition and for the full implementation
of the Paris Agreement. We are all aware that in order for the goals of the Paris Agreement to be
achieved, every country must play its part, and we believe G77 is at the core of ensuring that
ambitious commitments for climate mitigation and adaptation are fully implemented. In this vein,
we commend those who submitted enhanced NDCs in 2021, especially members of G77… (continued)

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