AOSIS Chair Goals 2021-2022

  • Climate
  • Oceans

1. Amplify our leadership

Representing and uniting the voices of small island states

  • Facilitate an AOSIS Heads Declaration at the 2021 General Assembly
  • Host an Action Forum in 2021, building on the Placencia Ambition Forum, and an AOSIS Ministerial in 2022
  • Ensure focus on SIDS response to and sustainable recovery from COVID-19 
  • Publish comprehensive technical and position papers 
  • Celebrate and share SIDS progress on NDCs, Adaptation Communications and Voluntary National Reviews
  • Use international law to secure SIDS interests in a rapidly changing world 
  • Complete negotiations on the Paris Agreement Work Programme & BBNJ
  • Set up a Public Relations network of press teams across the SIDS regions
  • Host a podcast series linking on-the-ground realities with COP26 

2. Transition to implementation

Focusing on implementation domestically and in international agreements

  • Ensure full implementation of the S.A.M.O.A Pathway, SDGs, 2030 Agenda and the recommendations of the MCO Review
  • Articulate the importance of the ocean and the blue economy for SIDS
  • Explore innovative financing for SIDS to fund implementation of all internationally agreed outcomes, assisting with COVID-19 recovery and alleviating debt burdens (e.g. debt-for-climate swaps, equity, guarantees)
  • Support the accreditation of more direct access entities in SIDS 
  • Provide peer-to-peer support to strengthen SIDS national climate funds 
  • Host capacity-building workshops on implementation and negotiations
  • Cultivate strategic partnerships to deliver impact and support a just transition of the workforce

3. Strengthen AOSIS operations

Equipping future AOSIS Chairs for success

  • Develop the AOSIS website into a “knowledge hub” 
  • Pursue stable, long-term funding for the AOSIS Chair
  • Empower regional SIDS bodies in the work of AOSIS  
  • Expand the AOSIS Fellows programme 
  • Develop strategic capacity building partnerships