The Glasgow Dialogue Must Lead To A Clear Destination – Adoption of 1/CMA.3

2021-11-13 Lia Nicholson, AOSIS Lead Climate Negotiator at COP26 Download PDF

Topic: Climate

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Adoption of 1/CMA.3
Statement on behalf of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS)
13 November 2021

AOSIS requests the COP President to firmly acknowledge the G77 and China position on loss and damage.

This common position was, and still is, to establish the Glasgow Loss and Damage Facility under the Financial Mechanism, and to lay out a process with:
• workshops, technical papers, meetings of and submissions from Parties, and inclusion of other stakeholders
• inputs that include the work of the WIM ExCom and its expert groups, including on action and support

The aim was to consultatively define the Facility and make a recommendation to COP27.

What we have before us in 1/CMA.3 is a standalone “dialogue”, with no clear destination.

AOSIS expresses our grievance with this text. Our group strongly considered requesting the deletion of paragraphs 73 and 74 in 1/CMA.3 because of its inadequacy.

AOSIS, in the interest of reaching a consensus, will accept the text as it stands with the clear understanding that this dialogue is a key step towards the creation of a Loss and Damage Finance Facility.

We firmly believe that the dialogue should lead to a conclusion that a new Loss and Damage Finance Facility will be adopted at the next COP. This is the basis on which we understand the decision before us.

We request assurances from the COP Presidency that this is the interpretation, in our acceptance of this decision, including recording this interpretation in the report of these proceedings.

Sub Topic: Loss & Damage


Meeting: COP26