The latest IPCC report released today confirms with nearly the highest possible level of confidence that can be found in a scientific enterprise what island nations have been saying for over two decades: humans are the “dominant cause” of global warming and the impacts are causing life-altering changes to their environment and communities.

The report by details the physical evidence behind climate change, and reminds us that the changes people are witnessing and suffering from around the world are getting worse and demand urgent, “substantial and sustained reductions of greenhouse gas emissions”.

The latest evidence underscores the need for the international community to kickstart serious discussions about how to immediately implement proven policies and measures to bring emissions in line with the scientific recommendations as soon as possible.

AOSIS  has submitted a proposal to do just that. It can be found here.

“The latest research further confirms that governments need to put forward more ambitious emissions reduction targets as soon as possible.  To that end, AOSIS has submitted a plan designed to give them confidence that they can, in fact, do what is necessary, said Ambassador Marlene Moses, Chair of AOSIS.

The  proposal would complement the negotiations on a new treaty with a line of talks focused squarely on jumpstarting the implementation of policies and technologies proven to quickly lower emissions.

The idea is to engage the experts and authorities responsible for carrying out emissions reductions plans on the ground – leading scientists, engineers, policy analysts, representatives from civil society, community organizations, and the private sector, and officials from relevant ministries – in a collaborative process capable of delivering measurable results in the timeframe required. We think redoubling our efforts to enable all parties to take more ambitious action domestically can restore trust in the process and increase the chances of securing a new international climate agreement.