AOSIS Islands On Alert – Episode 5: A Case For Climate Justice

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#SIDS have historically contributed the least to #ClimateChange but are on the frontlines of its worst impacts. #GHG emissions have no borders. Who will pay for impacts beyond our adaptive capacity?

Over 10 years ago, it was agreed that developed economies would mobilize $100 billion per year in #ClimateFinance by 2020, for both #adaptation and #mitigation. This commitment is yet to be met.

Can large emitter countries or companies be held legally liable? What does restorative #ClimateJustice actually look like and how do we pursue it?

Janine Felson, Belize
Lead negotiator on climate finance for AOSIS and Ambassador for Belize

Tina Stege, Republic of the Marshall Islands
Climate Envoy of the Republic of the Marshall Islands.