AOSIS COP28 Press Conference – AOSIS Chair Statement

December 04, 2023 Minister Cedric Schuster, AOSIS Chair Download PDF

Topic: Climate

Statement by AOSIS Chair, the Honourable Minister Cedric Schuster

• Talofa Excellencies, esteemed colleagues, distinguished guests,

• I would like to begin by sharing a saying in my country…
“O le mafua’aga a le tama a le talu”.

• This means “The answer is in the soil”. When we say this, we are expressing the importance of the land to our wellbeing. With every action we take that harms our environment, we can be certain that it will impact every woman, man, and child on this earth.

• At COP28, we have a duty to embark on a course to renew the connection between humanity and the Earth.

• If we fail in this mission, my friends, the consequences will be catastrophic.

• For our small island developing states, everything centers on keeping global warming below the 1.5 degrees Celsius limit. We are already enduring severe impacts at our present level of warming.

• Loss and damage will escalate with every increment in temperature.

• We are guided by the best available science from the IPCC, which makes it clear that the 1.5C goal is still in reach, but we must take urgent steps to achieve it.

• This is why AOSIS continues to amplify our call to KEEP 1.5 ALIVE. For our islands, there can be no alternative. This is our red line.

• AOSIS calls on major emitters to enhance their commitments, including aligning their NDCs with the 1.5-degree goal, leading the way on fossil fuel phase out, phasing out all inefficient fossil fuel subsidies, and ensuring peaking of global emissions before 2025 and halving them by 2030, transitioning to global net zero global emissions by 2050, with developed countries taking the lead.

• We must stop feeding the beast.

• We must collectively ensure an accelerated and global just transition by promoting the development of relevant technologies, and removing barriers to transboundary flows of clean and renewable energy.

• Another key priority is the Global Stocktake. For small island states, it is a lifeline to keeping the 1.5 goal alive.

• The outcome of GST must include both a political declaration and a robust CMA decision that lays out an action plan charting a clear path for implementation to limit warming to 1.5°C.

• On the Loss and Damage Fund, we would like to thank all Parties for coming together and bringing this historic achievement to fruition.

• For over 30 years, AOSIS has fought for loss and damage financing for vulnerable countries, in particular small island developing states. A fund that is fit for purpose providing direct access to finance, and operating within the UNFCCC framework.

• It is our hope that we continue to build on this momentum and increase capitalization of this fund, to provide the critical assistance our countries on the frontlines need to address the impacts from this crisis we did not cause.

• On Adaptation. The Global Goal on Adaptation negotiations should yield an ambitious framework to scale up progress on transformative adaptation actions, deliver swift solutions and financial support, and set us on a course for a more sustainable future.

• Finally, on Climate Finance. Parties must deliver on their commitments to the $100 billion goal. There is a need for developed countries to enhance this commitment post 2025 to make the scale of climate finance commensurate with the scale of the challenge.

• We also call on developed country Parties to fulfill the commitment of
doubling adaptation finance from 2019 levels by 2025.

• Friends, we urge all Parties to come to the table ready to work together for the best possible outcome for all people on the globe. We have a mandate to leave no one behind, and AOSIS is committed to fulfilling this pledge for our citizens at home who are depending on us to secure their survival.

Thank You.

Sub Topic: Mitigation


Meeting: COP27