AOSIS heightens calls for implementation of the BPOA

2001-10-30 Samoa on behalf of AOSIS Download PDF

Topic: Sustainable Development

Mr. Chairman,
I have the honour to make this statement on behalf of the thirty-seven
members of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) that are represented
at the United Nations.
Let me also say that as developing countries the AOSIS membership
associates fully with the statement delivered by the Chairman of the Group
of 77 and China.
Mr. Chairman,
As stated in the General Debate of the 2nd Committee, AOSIS places great
importance to the discussions at this session of the further implementation of
the Barbados Program of Action (BPOA). We recall that the BPOA was the
first UN global programme to translate into action the principles and ideals
of Agenda 21. It is therefore extremely important that the WSSD process be
informed by the experience of the BPOA and what has been done to
implement it. We also believe that the WSSD is an occasion to find
inclusive ways for the future consideration of Agenda 21 and the BPOA.
AOSIS will deliberate on this aspect in greater detail, and we will make
known our views at a later time.
I should note Mr Chairman that the full and rapid implementation of the
Barbados Programme of Action, and of the outcomes of the 22nd Special
Session of the General Assembly, are amongst the recommended strategies
for action identified in the Secretary General’s Road Map towards the
implementation of the UN Millennium Declaration. Our group very much
appreciates this recommendation.
It remains a concern for AOSIS that the UN system is still incapable of
coordinating its efforts in support of SIDS and the BPOA.
AOSIS would also like to take this opportunity to raise a matter of concern
for our group, namely the lack of adequate representation of our group of
countries within the UN secretariat and organizations. While the details of
this issue is handled in the 5th Committee, I would like to raise it here in this
debate as a matter of grave importance to the capacity building of SIDS and
of our experts. We recognize the value and importance of training received
within the UN system and call on the Secretary General to ensure that SIDS
nationals are adequately represented within the UN agencies.
Thank you.

Sub Topic: SDGs

Forum: 2C

Meeting: GA56